Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Welcome to Internal Ballistics

Increasing Velocity by up to 20% and increasing barrel life.
Anyone interested in internal ballistics are eager to reach higher velocity.
This blog is launched as a platform to communicate with other experimenters,
interested in this field. Soon there will be disclosed a new tech. in velocity achievements
with conventional barrels. The details/convertion of this tech are very simple and
straightforward, and relatively easy to make. This develomental work has been in the pipes for
over 21 years and soon will be disclosed and made public,after patenting process.

So far the new tech. has been tested for several years, and gain in velocity of up to 18 %
has been reached. This tech was tested at Sevenoaks in Kent in 1997 by DERA a division
of UK Ministry of Defence. A remarkable extra results was detected as to accuracy and
longevity in barrels, due to the specifics of the tech. Those attributes are in it self very
promising and give the tech new and more positive future.
All interested participans are welcome to comment and send theyr ideas to me,
and I will post them after evaluation and inspection.

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