Tuesday, January 08, 2008



Double Action Silencer Muzzle Brake!
By combining the effective workability of a silencer and muzzle brake . I have succeeded in making a one piece Silencer/Muzzle Brake ,for rifles and pistols. Great many problems are solved,since until now gun shooters ,varmint hunters and big game hunters, had the only option of having either silencer or muzzle brake, installed on their guns,so they had to choose either one. Now this problem is solved, with the Double Action Silencer Muzzle Brake. Here you can download Adobe PDF 128bit encrypted document e-Book with blueprint drawings and instruction of how to make a silencer muzzle brake Double Action. The instructions are clear and straightforward to understand and execute,so you can make this yourself with necessary tooling. Or get a qualified lathe smith /gunsmith to make it for you. The Muzzle Brake takes out up to 50 % off the rifle and pistol recoil. The Silencer completely silences, with subsonic ammunition which is under 1087 f/sec , or 331 m/sec. muzzle velocity. Double Action Silencer Muzzle Brake drawings, manual, for rifles and pistols in cal.22lr ,22 mag,22 Hornet cal.222Rem, cal.22/250 Rem, cal.243 Win ,cal.6MM,cal.6.5mm, cal.7mm Rem Mag, cal.308 Win,8MM Rem,300 Win Mag, 8MM Rem,cal.338 Mag.cal.375 Mag,cal.458 Win Mag, cal.460 Mag. And larger calibers of big bore for pistols, Caliber like cal.357 Mag,caliber.44 Mag , caliber 45 .and, Air rifles and pistols. Simple and easy to build homemade and install, with the plans in the Adobe Pdf. E Book,download. Adobe PDF, E Book , with Double Action silencer muzzle brake blueprint and drawings. Print the drawings and instructions, to have on your workbench while you, build double action silencer muzzle brake. It is easier than you might think! BRS Custom Rifles. Copyright 2007, and Patent Pending USPTO, UK IPO, EPO andother patent offices. All Rights reserved.

Photo of Double Action Silencer Muzzle Brake.




Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Silencers for Rifles and Pistols.

Silencer for rifles and pistols in cal.22 ,22 mag, cal.222, cal.243,cal.6.5mm,
cal.7mm, cal.308. And larger calibers of big bore.
Caliber like .357 cal 44 and cal 45 .Air rifles and pistols.
Complete Blueprint and instructions,on how to make them and install .
Silences completely, with subsonic ammunition.
Subsonic speed is under 331.4 m/sec or 1087.3 ft/sec.
Over 30 years experience and use of this type of silencer
prooves the quality of sound suppression.
In a rifle like 22 long rifle cal. with subsonic ammunition
the only sound you hear is the fall of the firing pin !!!!!
Simple and easy to make and install.
Download. Adobe PDF eBook with blueprint drawings.
And instructions.
Price $ 14.95 PayPal 128 Bit Encrypted PDF Document Password Protected.

Warning!Utilization is only allowed in Countries where the use of silencers is legal.
Warning! USE only for target and hunting purposes.
Misusing this drawing and information is of No responsibility to the owner of this website
BRS Custom Rifles. Copyright 2007 and
Patent Pending USPTO, UK IPO, EPO and other patent offices.
All Rights reserved.
Buy Gun Silencer Manual:  Gun Silencer for rifle and pistol

And : http://www.sidanmin.com/silencermanual


Information of Muzzle Brake Manual http://www.sidanmin.com/muzzlebrakemanual

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Welcome to Internal Ballistics

Increasing Velocity by up to 20% and increasing barrel life.
Anyone interested in internal ballistics are eager to reach higher velocity.
This blog is launched as a platform to communicate with other experimenters,
interested in this field. Soon there will be disclosed a new tech. in velocity achievements
with conventional barrels. The details/convertion of this tech are very simple and
straightforward, and relatively easy to make. This develomental work has been in the pipes for
over 21 years and soon will be disclosed and made public,after patenting process.

So far the new tech. has been tested for several years, and gain in velocity of up to 18 %
has been reached. This tech was tested at Sevenoaks in Kent in 1997 by DERA a division
of UK Ministry of Defence. A remarkable extra results was detected as to accuracy and
longevity in barrels, due to the specifics of the tech. Those attributes are in it self very
promising and give the tech new and more positive future.
All interested participans are welcome to comment and send theyr ideas to me,
and I will post them after evaluation and inspection.